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Intelligent First Aid vs. Traditional First Aid Kit


By definition, a first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment to render first aid care. What’s missing?  A first aid kit must also contain the essential knowledge on what to use and how to apply each item.  Let’s take a look at a traditional first aid kit you might buy online or at a local retail store verses an Intelligent First Aid kit.

Round 1: Design

Traditional first aid kits are simply containers that contain numerous supplies which are most often geared for minor cuts and scrapes.

Intelligent First Aid uses a patented Care Pack design.  The Care Packs utilize colors, bold lettering and specific icons to quickly identify the correct pack needed.

Winner: Intelligent First Aid

The last thing anyone wants to do when trying to manage an injury is to fumble through a first aid kit to locate the correct supplies.  With its unique Care Pack design, you will never need to search for the correct supplies when dealing with an injury.  Simply locate the correct Care Pack, and everything you need is right there.

Round 2: Ease of Use

Traditional First Aid Kits use a multi-page guidebook to give you instructions on managing an injury.

Intelligent First Aid Care Packs not only contain all the necessary supplies, but each pack contains an easy to follow, step-by-step picture and written instruction card to guide the user through the proper first aid steps.  Also included in every kit is a full color guidebook with hundreds of additional first aid topics and again step by step guidance ranging from “What To Look For” to “What To Do.”

Winner: Intelligent First Aid
Flipping through a multi-page guidebook is not only wasting precious time, but only adds more stress to the situation! This method just doesn’t work.  Intelligent First Aid kits allow you to simply grab the correct Care Pack.  It’s all right there. The right medical supplies to correspond with the right instructions, all packaged together to guide the average person with little or no first aid training through the proper first aid steps.

Round 3: Advances in Technology

Traditional First Aid kits have remained unchanged for the last 100 years.  Their most recent advancement has been a switch from a metal box to a plastic one….WOW.

Intelligent First Aid has created first aid kits that talk.  These kits will talk you through managing an injury, step by step in a clear calm voice.  Using the same patented Care Pack design, but additionally, each instruction card has an embedded audio chip to deliver crystal clear audio instruction with the press of a button.  The instructions can be stopped, paused and repeated as necessary.

Winner: Intelligent First Aid
By using 3 distinct methods to deliver first aid instructions, written, picture, and audio, Intelligent First Aid kits give both trained and untrained individuals the power and confidence to respond quickly and accurately to any injury situation.

Round 4: Price

Traditional First Aid kits have a very broad price range.  You can find these kits from $9.99 to several hundred dollars.  The average retail store kit is around $19.99.

Intelligent First Aid kits are also available at several different price points.  Prices for these kits range from $39.99 to $149.99.

At first glance, the traditional retail store first aid kits seem to have a better price point.  But now let’s take a closer look into replacing your used first aid supplies.

Replacement Cost:
Let’s say you treated a bug bite or sting and used the following supplies: Gauze pad, roller gauze bandage, ice pack, tape, alcohol pad, sting relief and tweezers.

Average Store Price for Supplies:
- Gauze Pads $2.99
- Roller Gauze $1.99
- Ice Pack $1.99
- Cloth Tape $1.99
- Alcohol Pads $2.99
- Sting relief $3.79
- Tweezers $0.00 (you can reuse)
Cost to replace the supplies for a bite and sting injury:
- Traditional First Aid Kit $15.74
- Intelligent First Aid Kit $6.99 (no charge for the know-how)

Winner: Intelligent First Aid
When choosing a first aid kit, you must take into account the cost to maintain your kit.  While you may pay a little more upfront, the Intelligent First Aid kit will end up costing you less as you use it.  Oh yeah, another benefit of Intelligent First Aid kits…they actually work.

Round 5: The Bottom Line: Does it actually help you in an emergency.

To date, there is no evidence that a Traditional First Aid kits actually helps the user render first aid care in highly stressful first aid situations. Even if one is first aid trained, the information learned only stays current for a period of 3-4 weeks.

A recent study, published by Resuscitation 2007, clearly shows that a “Significant Improvement in the quality of bystander first aid with the use of audio guidance”.  Is there really any other choice?

Winner: Intelligent First Aid

While there are many contenders for the title of being the best in first aid kits,  we at Intelligent First Aid believe that the only true measure, by which a first aid kit can be judged, is Does it actually help you in an emergency?