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The Talking First Aid Kit has generated interest from news organizations, medical experts, and communities worldwide. Please click the links below to see what others are saying about the Talking First Aid Kit.

Click here to see Fox News put the Talking First Aid Kit to the test in a local school.

Donny Deutsch profiled the Talking First Aid Kit on CNBC’s “The Big Idea.” Click here to see the story.

The Discovery Channel was the first to profile the Talking First Aid Kit, when it was still in product development. Click here to see the story:

“It’s so easy to feel completely overwhelmed in an emergency situation and that’s why it’s really important that a first aid kit is as simple as possible. And this one is very easy to follow.”

Discovery Channel
First Aid segment profiling Talking First Aid Kit

“Administering rapid and accurate first aid is a critical and essential link in the management of injury victims. Given the high level of stress and anxiety experienced by those faced with an injury, there is no doubt that the use of audio and visual guidance in the Talking First Aid kit can make a difference and belongs in every household."

Maurizio Miglietta
Chief, Division of Acute Care Surgery
Director of Trauma & Emergency Surgery Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
Medical Advisor, Intelligent First Aid
“(With the Talking First Aid Kit) you can keep their heart beating with CPR and rescue breathing; you can control bleeding; you’ve bought a lot of time for help to get there and take over."

“It’s very good. It’s a first aid class in a kit that talks you through it. I’m impressed with this.”

David Lake
30 Year Emergency Medical Technician
Head of Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services for seven years

Click here to listen to the complete interview as it aired on Kansas Public Radio.
“The best part (about the Talking First Aid Kit) is that you don’t have to hunker down over you old Scout handbook looking for directions on how to apply dressing to a wound. Each instruction card includes an audio module that gives you clear step-by-step directions, pausing and repeating when necessary.”

The Stuff We Love, Oct. 2007
“Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of calling 911? They actually keep you on hold sometimes while waiting for an operator. It’s happened to me twice. So what do you do in a situation when you are waiting for an ambulance to come or 911 to pick up? Honestly, this (the Talking First Aid Kit) could be the coolest thing I have seen in a while.”

Doryn’s Dish – blog
December 2007