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School First Aid Kits

Being prepared for injuries and medical emergencies is an important responsibility, especially when child safety is involved.  It is inevitable that when kids play, accidents occur.  The complete line of Intelligent First Aid kits was designed by medical experts to help prepare you for appropriate response should an injury and emergency occur.   

All of our first aid kits utilize the patented injury pack system, organizing top first aid supplies and instructions by injury category.   In case of emergency, simply open the pack, follow the instructions, and use the medical supplies provided. This revolutionary system makes responding to an injury a less daunting process.  It is so simple, in fact, that even a child can use it.  Click here to see the Talking First Aid Kit in action at a school.

All Intelligent First Aid products are backed by our unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.   Please click on the first aid kit images below to find the right kit for your school or children's environment.  

Talking First Aid Kit™
Talking First Aid Kit™
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Ultimate First Aid Kit Advanced First Aid Kit
Advanced First Aid Kit with Hard Case Essential First Aid Kit