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Fox News profiles the Talking First Aid kit and puts it to the test in a local school.
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Donny Deutsch's The Big Idea welcomes Dave & Linda Hammond, creators of intelligentFirstAid.
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The Discovery Channel was the first to profile the Talking First Aid kit, while it was still in product development.

Kansas Public Radio profiles the Talking First Aid kit from the viewpoint of an EMT.
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Press Releases


Intelligent First Aid unveils revolutionary new first aid tool to combat increasing accidental death rate.

Phoenix, Arizona-August 1, 2007 - Today Intelligent First Aid announces that the highly anticipated, revolutionary Talking First Aid kit will be available nationwide the first week of September 2007 with pre-orders being accepted in August. (more)

The Intelligent First Aid Kit Helps to Create a Safe Playground Environment

DLH, Inc. Recognizes National Playground Safety Week and the Importance of Protecting Kids at Play

April 25 - 29, 2005

Red Bank, NJ (March 7, 2005) - It's inevitable that children playing outside are going to get hurt from time to time. From getting hit with a ball to falling off the monkey bars, there are endless possibilities and scenarios that can and will occur. (more)

Talking First Aid kit Wins iParenting Media Award

Innovative New Product Recognized as Best Safety Offering of 2005

Red Bank, NJ (February 9, 2005)-DLH, Inc. has announced that their upcoming Talking First Aid kit has been named a best product of 2005 by iParenting Media. (more)

The Intelligent First Aid Kits Keep an Eye on Safety

DLH, Inc. Offers Revolutionary Kits for Workplace Eye Safety Month

Red Bank, NJ (February 8, 2005)-One of the most sensitive and easily injured areas of the body are the eyes. Unfortunately many first-aid kits, which often feature little more than assorted bandages, do not include materials to treat the eyes. DLH has addressed this problem with its line of Intelligent First Aid Kits, which offer specific supplies and instructions to deal with eye injuries. (more)

DLH, Inc. Signs Strategic Partnership with U.S. Postal Service

IntelligentFirstAid Kits to be Used in All Postal Service Facilities and Vehicles

Tinton Falls, NJ (May 28, 2003) - DLH, Inc. and the U.S. Postal Service announced today their entry into a National Strategic Partnership for the use of DLH's patented Intelligent First Aid kits in Postal Service facilities and vehicles across the country. The partnership went into effect on May 5 and is expected to run through 2013. (more)

IntelligentFirstAid Kit Receives U.S. Patent

DLH Continues to Advance the State of the Art in First Aid Care

Tinton Falls, NJ (August 12, 2002)-DLH, Inc. announced today that it had been issued US patent number 6,460,702, covering improvements in its line of Intelligent First Aid kits.

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