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Rapid and accurate first aid, given in the first few minutes following an injury, is critical and has a direct and proven effect on the outcome of the injury… saving a life or preventing a not so serious injury from becoming one.  While everyone recognizes the need for having a first aid kit, traditional training methods and materials do not create sufficient learning hooks to both recall and perform infrequently used skills. Typically, there are months or even years between when these procedures are learned in a classroom and when they are immediately needed in a highly stressful emergency situation. Given this scenario, it remains a daunting task for both professional, and non-professional first responders to recall the essential steps, locate the necessary supplies, and deliver accurate first aid assistance within 3-4 minutes following an injury.

Let’s face it; this is not the time to search and not the time to guess. Everything must be at your fingertips to make a difference when every second counts. Intelligent First Aid kits combine all the right supplies with the right instructions in prepackaged injury specific Care Packs. With the help of written, picture and audio prompts, the user is coached through a series of steps to accurately administer care to the injured individual. The instructions are laid out so simply, we tested to see if six graders with little or no background in first aid could handle a first aid emergency.  Not only could 100% respond accurately, but they stated the audio guidance made them feel less stressful and the picture illustrations helped them to visualize what they should be doing.

What does this innovation mean to you? If you took a traditional first aid kit and dumped out all the supplies, what do you have left? An empty box. Dump all the supplies out of an Intelligent First Aid kit and what’s left…the know how.