Frequently Asked Questions

First Aid Kits General

What defines a first aid kit?
By definition, first aid is the emergency care provided to an injured person prior to the arrival of professional medical services. A true first aid kit should be able to treat both common and emergency injuries, thereby containing the essential first aid supplies that go well beyond simple bandages and ointment.
Who should have a first aid kit?
It is strongly advised that first aid kits become a staple of all homes, schools and workplaces. The most at-risk for not having a first aid kit are homes or locations with children or older adults, as those age groups are the most prone to injury. Another prime target for first aid kits are residents of communities that can’t provide immediate access to emergency services. Regardless, the reality is that first aid kits should be readily available despite the situation or location. Safety must always come first.
Are Intelligent First Aid’s medical guides written to any specific standards?
Yes. All guidelines included in the first aid kits were provided to Intelligent First Aid by national first aid training agencies and trauma surgeons. Medical guidelines were written to and meet the standards set by the 2006 National First Aid Science Advisory Board.
Are the first aid kits meant to replace calling 911?
No. Always call 911 or seek professional help in an emergency in addition to using the kits. First aid kits are meant to provide immediate aid before the arrival of emergency personnel, which can take several critical minutes and severely impact the victim’s outcome.
What differentiates Intelligent First Aid kits from others in the marketplace?
The patented design of an Intelligent First Aid kit combines individually labeled and color-coded injury packs with the necessary medical supplies and simple step-by-step instructions for managing the injury. The Talking First kit adds another layer of technical guidance with audio directions that you can pause or repeat throughout the treatment process. No other first aid kit in the marketplace is as comprehensive, and few offer any medical instruction whatsoever. With Intelligent First Aid kits, you get the exact support and medical supplies you need to help you through an emergency.
Are first aid kits approved for Flexible Spending Account reimbursement?
Yes. First aid kits and supplies are approved FSA items.

Order Process

How do I purchase an Intelligent First Aid product?
Orders can be placed directly from the website ( or by calling customer service at (908) 737-1270.
What are the payment options when placing an order?
Intelligent First Aid accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.
What are the shipping options?
UPS Ground, 3-Day Select and Next Day Air Saver. Flat rates are applied by product and are dependant upon selected shipping method. All orders over $250 will receive free ground shipping if entire order is going to a single address.
What are Intelligent First Aid’s return and exchange policies?
Intelligent First Aid offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Intelligent First Aid will refund the full purchase price of the product, not including shipping and handling. All returns must include an authorization code, which can be obtained by calling customer service at (908) 737-1270. The customer service representative will provide instructions on proper return procedures. If payment was made prior to shipping, a refund will be processed within 5 business days of order cancellation.
How do I contact customer service?
Email or call (908) 737-1270 between 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern M-F.
How do I place an international order?
Inquires for orders outside of the U.S. and Canada can be made by completing the form found on the “Contact Us” page of the website. A customer service representative will respond to the request and work through the process of fulfilling an international order.
What is the privacy policy of Intelligent First Aid?
Intelligent First Aid will not sell, submit or otherwise supply any third parties with your personal contact information.

Injury Packs

Do any of the medical products in the injury packs have expiration dates?
The only items with expiration dates are the eyewash in the Eye Pack, sting relief in the Bites & Stings pack and the antibiotic ointment in the Basics Pack. You can locate these dates on the item itself and on the outside of the pack. When the item expires, it is strongly recommended that you replace the entire injury pack to ensure you have an updated, complete pack.
How long will the batteries last in the talking injury packs?
The batteries, which activate the audio instructions, are guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year from the date of purchase. The average battery life, however, is 5+ years when the kit is stored with the audio switches in the off position. It is advised that you periodically check your batteries by activating the audio buttons.
How do I replace a used or expired injury pack?
Replacement injury packs are sold individually on the website ( or by calling customer service at (908) 737-1270. Replacement packs include all new medical supplies and new instruction cards.
What is in a Basics injury pack?
The Basics pack contains general items that are commonly used to treat a number of injuries, such as bandage strips and antibiotic ointment. It also contains supplies that could be applied across multiple needs like cold packs and scissors.
Can the contents in the injury packs be subjected to extreme temperatures?
The packs can withstand temperatures ranging from 10 degrees (F) to 120 degrees (F)
Are the visual instruction cards and talking packs available in languages other than English?
Yes. The audio and visual instructions can be customized to any language. Please contact customer service at (908) 737-1270 to get more information.
Do I have to select which injury packs to include with my kit?
No. Specific injury packs are already included in each first aid kit. Individual injury packs, however, can be purchased separately to enhance or replenish a kit. Complete descriptions of each kit are available on the product page of this website.
What is found in the emergency instructional booklet?
This medical guidebook, included with every kit, provides information on additional emergency categories over and above what is referenced in the injury packs. Examples include choking, seizures, acute asthma, poisoning, and dental injuries. The booklet is color-coded to match the supplies in the packs for quick reference.