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For more than 50 years, the state of the art in first aid kits has focused on providing a number of supplies for basic cuts and scrapes.  The instructions for the non- professional responder to accurately and rapidly give first aid have often been nonexistent or contained in a multi-page book that is neither quick nor easy to read.

Given the lack of actual standards, that define the knowledge and supplies necessary to give first aid, the business has not significantly evolved from its original design established almost 100 years ago.  Consequently, the consumer and the workplace have relied upon the principles and practices taught by  national training agencies, which for the most part have no direct correlation to the products incorporated in the current first aid kits.

By re-defining the purpose and intent of first aid kits in today’s world, Intelligent First Aid Kits represent the only true product form able to provide rapid and accurate first aid guidance to the non-professional person. Intelligent first aid kits cover hundreds of injuries and correspond to the same categories taught in first aid training classes. Like most performance skills, integration of knowledge and skill is essential if rapid and accurate first aid is to be given. However, since first aid skills are not practiced on a regular basis, along with stress of an emergency situation, performance of these skills are extremely difficult. Furthermore, retention studies conducted by national training agencies have shown that the length of time that first aid training can effectively be recalled is 3-4 weeks. Use it or lose it!